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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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KHASSI (STANDARD).                                               11

Order of words—The usual order of words is (1) subject, (2) verb, (3) object; but
very often, for the sake of emphasis, the verb (usually preceded by the ' article' or pronoun)
is put before the subject: u la wan it hr'uo or la wan it brlw, the man came. Generally, it
may be said that when emphasis is desired, the word to be emphasised is brought forward
(i.e, nearer the commencement) in the sentence.

The following examples of K-hassi in its various dialects have been provided by the
Deputy Commissioner of the Ehasi and Jaintia Hills. I have already expressed my
indebtedness to Sir Charles Lyall for the revision of the proofs. I must also take this
opportunity of acknowledging the kindness of the Bev. H. Roberts, the author of the
well-known Khassi Grammar and of other excellent works dealing with the language, who
has likewise gone through the proofs, and has cleared iip many points regarding which we
were in doubt. His intimate knowledge of the various dialects of the language, which
he has ungrudgingly placed at my disposal, has rendered it possible to represent them
with considerable accuracy.